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Stardream is suitable for all popular printing techniques including Offset Litho, Letterpress, Foil Blocking, Thermography, Screen Printing and embossing. A digital Stardream and HP Indigo quality are also available.

We recommend conventional positive hard-drying inks. Duct stable (stay fresh) inks are not suitable as they will be slower drying and more susceptible to marking. To be sure of correct ink selection we would suggest explaining details of the job and proposed materials to your ink supplier. The minimum amount of damping solution is advisable as excessive fount solution will emulsify the ink, retard drying and reduce anchoring of the ink to the paper’s surface. Stacks should be kept as small as workable.

Stardream can be converted on conventional finishing equipment for cutting, creasing, die cutting and folding. Where sheets are to be glued we advise you to contact your glue supplier in advance. We are always happy to supply material for testing purposes.

This information is intended as a brief guide and we encourage you to contact
Tony Fenner on +44 (0)1732 771100 or email to discuss any technical reservations.